The Top Features to Look for in a High-Quality Robotic Alarm System

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At the corporate, governmental, and institutional levels, robotics investment has expanded across all nations. This surge in investment is the result of various causes, such as the rapid advancement of some of the robots' catalysts, such as 5G or Artificial Intelligence, which offer an ideal framework, with connections and capabilities that were previously nonexistent. For security robots to be autonomous, these catalytic technologies must continue to advance.

What is a security robot?

A major turning point in the development of security systems is the appearance of security robots. This level of technical advancement raises the entire sector to the new benchmarks of best practices anticipated in the profession of protecting persons and property. The requirement for human personnel to maintain major sites' security can be reduced, and eventually eliminated entirely, by autonomous mobile robots made for outdoor use. The highest level of security can be provided by security robots for a price that is considerably less than the salaries of hired employees.

A security robot is one that is equipped to carry out operations that support security missions. Security robots operate at various levels of autonomy, mobility, sensorization, and intelligence within this context. Although the use of security robots is increasing, there may be a lack of awareness of research and innovation in this field. The advancements that this technology represents are of interest to defence ministries, organisations dedicated to rescue or emergency operations, civil protection, law enforcement, and the sectors working for citizen security generally.

Different types of insecurity, such as crime, violence, terrorism, natural or man-made disasters, cyberattacks or invasions of privacy, as well as other types of social and economic disorder, can have an impact on citizens.  Understanding, detecting, preventing, deterring, preparing for, and protecting against security risks are the goals of the projects for which Robotnik supplies security robots.

Security robot with elements of Artificial Intelligence

A built-in supercomputer is now utilised in robots, which improves their intelligent video surveillance system. These solutions include a variety of new ones used in the structure of the autonomous mobile robot and novel ones for the autonomous motion control system. The Jetson TX2 processor, created by NVidia, the industry leader in digital video processing, powers the supercomputer. Its extraordinary computing power enables the use of AI-based algorithms for image recognition and categorization. The security robots of the S5.2 IS series with built-in AI capabilities can:

·        In challenging outdoor lighting situations, locate people

·        People's faces should be captured in a front-facing orientation.

·        Face Mask Real-Time Detector

·        Utilise a cloud-based service to identify persons and their faces.

·        Utilise a PTZ camera to follow someone's movements.

·        Watch people in the thermal camera's video footage.

In addition to these previously developed functionalities, a variety of bespoke recognition methods can be realised; these will concentrate on things (like vehicles and bicycles) and situations (such as open windows and doors). Deep learning algorithms combined with AI's limitless potential enable even the most extreme requirements to be fulfilled quickly enough for software development. The security robots in the S5.2 series are only meant for usage in business settings. At a single guarded facility, fewer than three robots cannot be used. Consequently, 3 robots are the minimum quantity that can be ordered.

Why are security robots necessary?

The activities that are the focus of this research framework, which includes autonomous security robots, are summarised in the following bullet points, which were taken directly from the website of the European Commission:

·    Fighting crime, unlawful trafficking, and terrorism, including identifying and dismantling terrorist ideologies and practises; defending and boosting the resilience of vital supply chains, transit modes, and infrastructure;

·        border management to increase security;

·        Boost online safety;

·        bolster Europe's crisis and disaster resistance;

·     ensuring freedom and privacy, including online, and enhancing society's awareness of all facets of security, risk, and management from a legal and ethical standpoint;

· increase system interoperability and standardisation, including for emergency situations;

· supporting the Union's external security strategies, particularly peacebuilding and conflict prevention.

A high-quality robotic alarm system should have a number of important characteristics:

Sensing capabilities: The Robotic alarm systems must be capable of accurate sensing, including motion detection and the capacity to identify additional environmental changes such as variations in temperature, humidity, or air pressure.

Alert system: A Robotic alarm systems that can immediately inform the user of potential risks should be included in the alarm system. This might include text message, email, or mobile app alerts.

Integration with other systems: A high-quality robotic alarm system need to be able to work with other security features in your house or place of business, like door locks, cameras, and smart home technology.

Flexibility: The Robotic alarm systems should be adaptable enough to accommodate various conditions and requirements. For instance, it should be able to modify the alert frequency and sensor sensitivity.

Self-learning capabilities: Robotic alarm systems that are effective should be able to pick up on environmental cues and modify their behaviour accordingly. This can entail modifying its detecting capabilities or warning the user in response to earlier incidents.

Power backup: In the event of a power outage or any emergency, the Robotic alarm system must have a trustworthy power backup system. A generator or a backup battery may be used in this.

Remote control: The robotic alarm system should be equipped with remote control features so that the user can arm and disarm the system from a distance or access the system's settings.

Directing the fleet of patrol robots

Up to 50 robots can be supported by the software created for the new series of security robots in a single site. Switching patrol routes is possible in the group operation mode to guarantee continuous video surveillance of the entire area. Additionally, it is controlled in what order the robots depart the path to recharge their batteries. The robots work in line with a predetermined schedule.

Three models are available in the new security robot series:

1. Promt: A face-recognition patrolling robot for public spaces.

2. Picard: A security robot for smart homes and private space patrol

3. Argus: Professional security thermal surveillance robot

Safety augmentation through robot use

Substitution of expensive human labour by security robots: Robotic security guards can effectively take the place of some human security guards at a location. Robots are able to patrol a facility's grounds continuously. They don't get tired like people do, and they don't need time to relax. They are not bothered by the sweltering sun or the freezing nights. The most efficient way to reduce expenses associated with providing security services is to take advantage of robotic security duty operation, which is uninterrupted, around-the-clock, and costs far less per hour than hiring human staff. Instead of incurring the cost and effort of managing security employees to conduct routine patrols, joint cooperation between mobile security guard robots and security officers enables efficient human resource allocation only in essential situations. Patrols will soon be automated.

How does a security robot work?

Advanced inspection of potentially hazardous areas, threat detection and forecasting (for example, for explosives or toxic substances), evaluation activities, and assistance to disaster rescue teams are all jobs that autonomous security robots are capable of performing.

The following are the security and rescue initiatives that Robotnik is currently working on:

CREST: Fighting crime with an autonomous platform that utilises the IoT ecosystem for advanced prediction, prevention, operation, and investigation. In this instance, Robotnik serves as the hardware supplier for a security robot that is an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) capable of fielding a tiny unmanned aerial aircraft (UAV) on its own.

·    Detection and evaluation of threats.

· Based on autonomous systems, dynamic mission planning and adaptive navigation can increase security.

·    Police mission command and control was distributed.

·       Blockchain-based information sharing and digital proof exchange.

·      Delivering pertinent information in a customised and engaging manner to various parties.

RESPOND-A: Aims to create comprehensive and approachable solutions for emergency personnel. Robotnik is in charge of creating robots for support tasks and dangerous situations, as well as working on command and control applications and security robot interface development.

·      For first responders, equipment, tools, and mission-critical techniques

·      Virtual and augmented reality

· 360° multi-view interactive video transmission with passive and active localization and tracking.

·  Coordination between unmanned aerial vehicles and autonomous robotics.

ROBORDER: In order to police and protect borders, border authorities and law enforcement agencies (LEAs) throughout Europe encounter tremendous obstacles. A fully autonomous border security system using unmanned mobility robots, including aerial, sea surface, underwater, and land vehicles, is what ROBORDER seeks to build and demonstrate.

·      Heterogeneous robot swarm that is autonomous for border security.

·     Unmanned mobile robots that can operate autonomously and in swarms, including aerial, water surface, undersea, and land vehicles, make up the fully autonomous border security system.

·  Capacity for early detection of criminal activity and potentially harmful situations.

INTREPID: In order to enable quick and efficient reaction, it is intended to give first responders a fresh method for exploring and evaluating hazardous sites. enhancing first responder performance in the early hours and days following a disaster, when the potential for saving lives is greatest and performance is hampered by a variety of variables.

·     Robotnik's task in the project is to create an unmanned security robot that can conduct scouting missions via difficult terrain or intricate indoor spaces.

·        Detection and evaluation in potentially harmful situations.

·        Saving lives and reducing environmental damage require quick action.

·        Create a platform that enables first responders to safely survey the area, analyse and evaluate potential threats, and make decisions about the best course of action based on reliable situational awareness.

·        Utilise intelligent autonomous vehicles (cyber-assistants) to increase the scope, speed, and effectiveness of complicated site exploration.

FASTER: First responders' situational awareness and communication skills will be improved by FASTER's unique, widely used, and effective tools.

Work Package 5 of the project is headed by Robotnik: Both an SUMMIT-XL robot and a new RB-CAR vehicle are being developed. First responders will use them to investigate and survey the area as well as to move some large objects. These security machines enable:

·      A portable shared operating picture that depicts both indoor and outdoor scenarios is provided by tactical situational awareness.

·       Distribution of data collected via a safe IoT platform.

·    Resilient communication at the infrastructure level using UAVs and 5G technologies, as well as communication with K9s and haptic communication capabilities at the field level.

Home automation for the outdoors:

All of the aforementioned tasks are carried out by the robot on its own. The robot continuously monitors the area, day and night. The robots plan their movement and navigation routes so that they can inspect the entire area and spend the most time in areas where strangers have already been observed. The robot selects a patrol route based on the time of day and assesses the likelihood that there are service employees in the area.

The robot periodically walks to a charging station and recharges the batteries to keep them from dying entirely. The robot keeps watching videos and looking for people as it charges.

The robot has a high level of artificial intelligence and is able to take measures that might make a possible invader flee the area. The robot will play a voice warning when it notices a stranger and transmit the robot's owner a snapshot of that person. If the stranger ignores the warning or fleas, the robot will then sound an alert. The very fact that a security robot is on private property makes it safer and acts as a warning sign to any potential intruders.

House security, mobile robots, and outside cameras What makes them distinct?

You can examine the most remote portions of the land using the robot's outside mobile video surveillance. The robot's onboard intelligence system for identifying people and hazards allows it to identify people wearing masks and capture images of their faces from angles that will allow it to identify them. The robot adjusts its course and begins moving in the direction of a potential intrusion when a person is seen approaching the secured area from the outside.

Unlike a smart home's security system, which only notices when someone has broken in. The outside robot has the ability to barricade homes. A security robot patrols a private area like a canine guard with the sole purpose of protecting the home.

Due to their visibility and ease of avoidance, outdoor video cameras put on a home and the surrounding area can only partially act as a barrier to incursion. In addition, connecting all cameras to an intelligent video surveillance system is time- and money-consuming and is consequently infrequently done. However, a video surveillance system without a sophisticated video analysis system only aids in the investigation of an intrusion rather than preventing it.

An outdoor security robot provides a new, higher level of security that is active rather than passive like a solitary camera. Even in the early stages of the invasion, the robot actively resists it.

In general, a good robotic alarm system should be dependable, adaptable, and simple to use. To offer a complete security solution, it should deliver real-time alerts and interface with other security systems.


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