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The Timeless Allure of 80s Makeup: Embracing Blue Eyeliner


The realm of beauty and fashion is characterised by an endless cycle of fads and fashions that frequently take their cues from the past. The 1980s are one decade that has never lost its appeal to fans of makeup. The 1980s, known for its striking and bright aesthetics, had a profound impact on the beauty sector. Blue eyeliner is one of the era's most distinctive trends and represents the period's bold experimentation and uninhibited self-expression.


A Nostalgic Revival


In recent years, numerous facets of pop culture have seen a nostalgic rebirth of the 1980s. Once again, the decade's influence has been highlighted in everything from music and fashion to beauty. Blue eyeliner is one of the numerous 80s fashion fads that are making a comeback, reminding us of the decade's propensity for breaking rules and embracing bold hues.


The Bold and the Beautiful


A "more is more" mentality pervaded the 1980s, and cosmetics was no exception. The strong statement of blue eyeliner violated conventional aesthetic standards. The 1980s favoured vibrant and clashing colours, in contrast to the delicate and neutral makeup styles of earlier decades. Blue eyeliner, frequently worn with similarly striking eyeshadows, came to represent assurance and self-assurance.


Expressive Self-Identity


The way that 80s makeup, especially blue eyeliner, shaped self-identity was one of its most notable features. The era's cosmetic options focused on expressing individuality without boundaries. People might stand out and exude a rebelliousness that went beyond accepted social mores by using blue eyeliner. Applying makeup was more than just putting on cosmetics; it was also a method to spread a message of independence and individuality.


Versatility of Blue


A wide range of shades of blue can be used to accent different skin tones and eye colours. For those who wanted an avant-garde style, electric blue eyeliner was a popular choice, while navy blue offered a more elegant substitute. Due of its accessibility to people with a variety of interests, this versatility helped blue eyeliner gain broad appeal in the 1980s.


Creating the Look


It's simpler than it seems to achieve the iconic 80s makeup look using blue eyeliner. To make the eyeliner remain longer, start by making sure your eyelids are properly primed with an eyeshadow primer. Then, you can choose a pencil, liquid, or gel eyeliner in your preferred shade of blue, depending on the level of intensity you want.


With a steady hand, start by lining your upper lash line. In keeping with 1980s style, don't be afraid to go a little thicker than you might for a more contemporary appearance. Extend the eyeliner just past the outer corner of your eye to create a delicate wing for more drama. If you're feeling extra bold, you could even use the blue eyeliner to line your lower lash line or to add a hint of blue to your waterline.


Combine the blue eyeliner with complementary-colored eyeshadow to finish the effect. In the 1980s, neon pinks, purples, and silvers were preferred colours. Remember to add thick mascara to your look and, if you'd like, a striking blush and a rich lip colour to truly capture the essence of the time.


Blue Eyeliner in the Modern Context


While 80s makeup was famed for its fearlessness, newer designs call for a somewhat different technique when using blue eyeliner. Modern makeup trends frequently favour a cleaner, more harmonious look. Think about going more simply to recreate the 80s blue eyeliner look in the current.


For a splash of colour that is both current and evocative of the past, choose a delicate line of blue eyeliner on the upper lash line. To achieve a harmonious balance and let the blue liner take centre stage, pair it with neutral eyeshadows. This strategy embodies the spirit of the 1980s while adhering to the contemporary trend towards subtle elegance.


Embrace the Nostalgia


The return of 80s blue eyeliner is a welcome trend in a time where self-expression is unrestricted and makeup is an art form. It honours a period marked by risk-taking decisions and brazen personality. Blue eyeliner enables you to embrace the nostalgia while creating a statement that is specifically you, whether you're wanting to recreate the legendary looks of the 1980s or put a modern take on the trend.


In the end, using makeup is all about being creative and embracing your unique identity. The return of blue eyeliner enables you to experiment, have fun, and explore the limitless possibilities of self-expression through cosmetics, much as the 1980s urged people to break free from convention.

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