What is R9X Ninja Bomb?

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What is R9X Ninja Bomb?

R9X Hellfire missile, which strikes even the smallest targets with great accuracy. The R9X Hellfire missile can be fired from drones, helicopters, fighter jets. Cameras, sensors are installed on its nose, which keep recording till the explosion, as well as detecting the exact position of the target before the explosion, to avenge the blast of Kabul airport last year, the US launched these missiles. was used. It is known to hit the target accurately. This Hellfire missile does not explode, rather it emits knife-like blades that are so targeted that they do not give terrorists a chance to hide, it can detect the target using its inbuilt sensor and radar. This missile does not cause much collateral damage. This missile is fired to kill one or two humans. This weapon is rarely used, especially when a terrorist leader is identified. R9X first surfaced in March 2017 when senior al-Qaeda leader Abu al-Khair al-Masri was killed. The R9X Hellfire missile works on fire and forgets technology. This missile is capable of detonating by breaking the strongest bunkers, armored vehicles, tanks and very thick concrete walls. Its variants usually weigh 45 to 49 kg.

Why is this missile called Ninja Bomb?

This missile is called Ninja Bomb because ninja martial artists mostly use sharp weapons, and it is also called Flying Ginsu. Flying Ginsu means flying knife. The missile is designed to kill the leaders of extremist groups while avoiding civilian casualties.

The US government has used the R9X Hellfire ninja missile in a drone strike to kill al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri

Al-Zawahiri was the mastermind of the 9/11 terror attacks. It is a 'secret weapon' used by America. He was targeted by the R9X Hellfire Ninja missile. The amount of ammo in it is very less. It consists of sharp-edged metal blades, which are placed in separate layers, the blast of gunpowder only gives them the power to move faster. When exploded, a set of six blades is released. Any person who comes in front of them is cut into many pieces. It only damages the target which is being targeted. This minimizes the damage around.

R9X Hellfire missile, built during Barack Obama's tenure

This missile was developed in America during the tenure of Barack Obama. It is specially designed for targeted killings. The specialty of this missile is that it kills the terrorists without any explosion, thereby reducing the loss of life. The blades in it can also cut buildings or car roofs. This missile is also called ninja bomb. The infamous R9X Hellfire missile, known as the Ninja Missile, is used for precision strikes. In the last two years, the US has increased the use of these missiles rapidly. It is a warhead-less missile. The Hellfire missile variant has a maximum length of 64 inches i.e. 1.6 metres. Their diameter is 7 inches. Five types of warheads can be installed in this missile. Anti-Tank High Explosive, Shaped Charge, Tandem Anti-Terror, Metal Augmented Charge (R9X) and Blast Pragration It has a wingspan of 13 inches. There are several variants of the Ninja Bomb Hellfire missile. One of them is the R9X variant. This variant weighs 45 kg.

TheHellfire R9X, also referred to as the "ninja bomb," has become thepreferred weapon of the US military for taking out the top leaders of terroristorganisations without endangering civilians.

The R9Xmissile, a variant of the Hellfire missile that is used in othercounter terrorism drone strikes, deploys metal blades that precisely killtargets while reducing the likelihood of significant collateral damage tonearby people or structures. It has an inert warhead.

The R9X,also known as the "Ninja Missile" and the "Flying Ginsu,"is deadly because it weighs 45 kg (99 lb) and has six blades that fly at highspeed, crushing and severing the target. It is meant to minimise collateraldamage when aiming at particular individuals.

TheHellfire R9X is a 'kinetic kill' missile or projectile that may be fired froman unmanned drone or even a helicopter. It travels at a high speed and strikesthe selected target. To kill its target, it instead uses six metal blade-likecontraptions in place of an explosive warhead.

TheHellfire R9X has a length of slightly more than five feet, weighs slightly morethan 100 pounds, and doesn't leave any telltale markings like charred shellcasings or mangled marks.

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