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Puppy Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes: Mastering the Art of Makeup




Although hooded eyes are a stunning and distinctive eye shape, applying makeup can be difficult with them. The "puppy eyeliner" effect is one of the most well-liked makeup techniques for hooded eyes. This fashionable look not only makes your eyes look better, but it also gives your entire makeup look a youthful, carefree feel. This article will explore puppy eyeliner and show you how to make it look its best on eyes with hoods.


Understanding Hooded Eyes


It's important to comprehend hooded eyes and how they differ from other eye shapes before we get into the world of puppy eyeliner. Excess skin that hangs down over the crease and covers the eyelid, either whole or partially, is what gives eyes their hooded appearance. Traditional eyeliner techniques might be difficult to apply because of the additional skin that can make the eyelid look thinner and less defined.


The Magic of Puppy Eyeliner


Puppy eyeliner, often referred to as "puppy dog eyes" or "puppy liner," is a cosmetic application method that lifts and opens up hooded eyes, making them appear more youthful and alert. The outer corners of the eyes in this design are slightly elevated, simulating the shape of a dog, giving the eyes a playful and endearing appearance.


Getting Started: Tools and Products


You'll need the appropriate supplies and equipment to produce the ideal puppy eyeliner effect for hooded eyes. You'll need the following:


Eyeliner: an eyeliner of the highest calibre, whether it be a pencil, gel, or liquid, that meets your preferences. Using a waterproof solution helps extend the wear of your makeup.


Eyeliner Brush: A fine-tip brush is necessary for careful application of gel or pencil eyeliner.


Eyeshadow: Pick a neutral eyeshadow palette that includes both matte and shimmery colours to match your skin tone.


Eyelash Curler: Hooded eyelids can be significantly opened up with the help of an excellent eyelash curler.


Mascara: To define your lashes, choose a volumizing and lengthening mascara.


Concealer: Correcting any errors and enhancing your under-eye area can be accomplished with a concealer that complements your skin tone.


Step-by-Step Guide to Puppy Eyeliner


Let's now discuss how to make puppy eyeliner for hooded eyes step by step:


Step 1: Prepare Your Eyelids


Your eyelids should first be primed with makeup. Your eyeshadow and eyeliner will have a smooth surface to work on, and this will help them remain in place all day.


Step 2: Apply Eyeshadow


Apply a light matte shade over the full surface of your eyelid using a neutral eyeshadow palette. Then, define your crease with a darker matte shade. Your eyes will have more depth and definition as a result.


Step 3: Begin the Liner


Start at the inner corner of your eye and gradually draw a fine line along your top lash line with your preferred eyeliner. Keep the line as near as you can to the lashes. Your lashes will look bigger and more natural as a result of doing this.


Step 4: Create the Puppy Wing


Now for the exciting part! When you get to the outer corner of your eye, extend the eyeliner slightly past your upper lash line to achieve the puppy eye appearance. The secret is to generate an upward flick that is soft and reminiscent of a puppy's eye. Keep the line fairly thin because bigger lines might make the eyes appear heavier.


Step 5: Connect the Lines


Connect the flicked line back to the outer corner of your eye, forming a tiny triangle, to finish the puppy eyeliner effect. Eyeliner should be used to fill in the triangle, and it should be evenly blended with the rest of your upper lash line.


Step 6: Curl Your Lashes


Use an eyelash curler to give your lashes a light curl before adding mascara. This action will widen your eyes even more and intensify the impact of the puppy eyeliner.


Step 7: Apply Mascara


A coat or two of mascara will complete your eye makeup. To define and enhance your eyes, pay attention to both the top and lower lashes.


Step 8: Clean Up and Brighten


Use a little concealer brush and a small amount of concealer to tidy up the corners of your eyeliner or correct any mistakes you made. Additionally, this will brighten the area around your eyes, giving them a more awake appearance.


Conclusion: Embrace Your Hooded Eyes with Puppy Eyeliner


A versatile and entertaining makeup technique called puppy eyeliner may completely change the way hooded eyes look. You can master this style and make your eyes pop with youthful appeal with a little practise and the proper equipment. Don't forget that using makeup is all about creativity and self-expression; therefore, don't be scared to try new things and modify this approach to fit your particular taste. Embrace your hooded eyes and let puppy eyeliner's magic make them sparkle.

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