Top 5 Investment Banks in US

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What are the top 5 investment banks in the US

Investment banks help governments, corporations or other entities to raise or create capital. Investment bank is one where we deposit and withdraw our money unlike banks. Investment banks can provide advice on how much a company is worth and how to structure a deal on an acquisition, merger, or sale. Investment banking analysts are experts who easily understand the viability of large projects. They help investors identify the risks of their projects before investing money and time.

Following are the names of top 5 investment banks in US

1. JPMorgan Chase & Co.: It is one of the oldest, largest and most well-known financial institutions in the world. The JPMorgan side of the company is responsible for its investment banking, asset management, private banking and private wealth management divisions while the Chase brand, U.S. and handles credit card services in Canada.

2. Bank of America Corporation: This is the U.S. It is the second largest banking institution in the U.S., serving more than 10% of all U.S. bank deposits. The company focuses on helping individuals navigate every stage of their financial life, working with companies large and small, and providing insight, ideas and award-winning research for institutional investors.

3. Wells Fargo & Company: It offers a diverse set of banking, investment and mortgage products and services as well as consumer and commercial finance through four reportable operating segments namely- consumer banking and lending, commercial banking, Corporate and investment banking, and wealth and investment management.

4. Citigroup Inc.: The main activities of this bank are asset protection, money lending, payment and access to capital markets on behalf of its clients.

5. Morgan Stanley: It acts as an industry leader in wealth management across all channels and sectors. Offers products and services in brokerage and investment advisory, retirement planning, and financial and wealth planning services.

The top investment banks in the United States, cutoff in September2021, were:

1. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

2. Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

3. Bank of America Merrill Lynch

4. Morgan Stanley

5. Citigroup Inc.

6. Barclays Capital

7. Credit Suisse Group AG

8. Deutsche Bank AG

9. UBS Group AG

10. Wells Fargo Securities

Please be aware that rankings and positions are subject to change,therefore for the most up-to-date information, it is always a good idea tocheck current sources.